Empowering Your Home Journey with Buyer Rebate Program & Client-First Approach

When you are searching for a new home many things are going through your mind. You are considering the neighborhood, the schools, shopping, your commute to work and more. One thing that always stands out in the mind of a buyer is the expenses involved in buying a new home. Besides your down payment and your closing costs, you are looking at the cost of moving, utilities etc… Home Savings Realty believes that a good agent should have your needs in mind. That is why we created the Buyer rebate Program.
Family buying a home with Home Savings Realty's buyer rebate program.

Here’s How it works…

  • You sign up with a Home Savings Realty Agent to be your buyer’s Agent
  • We help you find the home that meets your needs for your lifestyle and your finances
  • We contribute 1% of the purchase price of your home towards your closing costs! (rate buy-down or cash to close – applicable to cash purchases only.)
  • On a $500,000 home purchase this saves you $5000!

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